Choose Love

When nations rage, yet everyone is right.
No one listens, just believe their sight.
Experience and wisdom lets us see
The simple way to set all people free.

Where does innocence end and initiative begin?
Where’s religion with systems, judgement, sin?
When there’s insanity and mass confusion.
We think this is the way, but it’s delusion.

Choose love; embrace love with all its mystery.
Consume love, for it’s the centrepiece of history.
For love is giving, the cornerstone of living.
Our family, partners, children, friends.
Love the essential, on which we all depend.

Seek love, with patient selflessness.
Love which does not envy, surrounds with gentleness.
Love that does not boast, keeps no account of wrong.
Forgives, protects, is kind, for which we long.

Love that trusts, hopes, always perseveres.
Love which deep within our souls releases tears.
Love that never fails surpasses age and time.
For He fashioned love – it was His design.

14 thoughts on “Choose Love

  1. pramilakhadun

    Martin, this poem is soul stirring indeed.May your readers turn over a new leaf and think of constructing a beautiful world called tomorrow.


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