Being a woman, have I been told

That I would not be given choices

I am, rather,

To accept whatever Fate bestows upon me!

From the amount of education that I would be required

To the man who would be sharing my life

Without forgetting, of course, my share of familial responsibility!


Should I make my choices

I would be seen as a loose minded woman

Should I make my choices;

And abide to them

I would be pointed a finger at

I would be seen as one immoral

Lewd, sinful and unethical!

But hey,

The history of existence on Earth has made it such

We, women, are not to be so submissive anymore

We, women, are to fight for our rights

While knowing that choices are available to us

And that we are free

To be,

To say that we are perfect, in our imperfections

To be real

To assume what we are

Why, we, women, we are not dumb statues

Meant to look and seem impeccable at all times!

We, women, are free to choose

While keeping a standard of societal morality!


We, women, know of our limits

We, women, assume our responsibilities!

What we merely desire

Is respect,

Even if we are weaker in kind!

Being a woman, have I to tell the world

Pray, be not so harsh towards us!

We are mere twigs,

Easily broken, easily trampled on, easily turned into dust

We are mere twigs, maybe

But we have the potential to light up fires!

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