There’s one thing
I have no choice about,
That every moment has you ~
Every second a brush stroke,
Every day your own art…

Every song your voice,
Every light your sunshine smile,
Every breeze your breath,
All zest from your spirit,
From your infectious laugh…

Every homecoming gale
Your desperate sigh ~
Every sigh donned with
The dreams of bygone hopes
That adorned our souls…

Every rustle of leaves
Your restlessness beseeching,
Beckoning me to you…
Every whiff of fragrance
Proof of invisible beauty…

Every beat another step
Away from me, and I know
That I was just a flotsam
In the sparkling blueness
Of your wandering dreams…

That the sparkle of the ocean
And the glimmer of the stars
Are from your eyes that drift
Away from me for one last time ~
But listen ~ I love you, I do…

– June 27th, 2013

© Sana Rose 2013

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