Chilling Contrasts

In your tweedy embrace
In the auburn silk
Of the skeins of your hair
A red beetle
Seeks a cozy shelter
As cold November winds blow
Sets in Winter
Lights splinter
Like Aurora Borealis
Red Green Orange and Gold
The North Western Man seeks comfort
In Yule logs and Christmas Trees
Gifts , Hymns , Candles , Songs
Cakes , Cider , Wassail Punch
And hearty feasts .
What will the poor naked shivering man do
Hungry wounded deprived bereaved robbed and left to grieve
In countries where your governments wage war
Where warm red human blood spills on cold white snow
Driving Iron into the Soul ?
Thus Humans recede into Wolves
Your Maples yield Syrup
Ours shed Gore .
Nothing shall ever be
As before .
Be warned
Harm not further
Those already harmed .
Beetles or Bears
Smiles or Tears
Silk or Thorns
Eves or Morns
The Planet belongs
To us all .
You will not be warm
If I am frozen .
Let no one cozen
Anyone anywhere .
Distance is dead .
The World stands ominous
At your own doorstep .
No comfort but in Brotherhood
Liberty and Equality ;
No shelter
But in human hearts ;

No Refuge
But in Repentant Souls ,
Tenderness and Compassion .
Come home to Kindness ,
Embrace Enlightened Empathy

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

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