My breath still,

My blood pounding,

I remain, crouched,

In my hideout,

Hoping none would get to find me!


Pray, life has its arms surrounding me

Enlaced in a mystical embrace

And I, so coy, refuse to let my feelings

Be expressed on my face!


But it would seem that life can see through me

Life can feel what I feel

Life can sense my enthusiastic trepidation

Life, is after all, my ruler, the one who made me as I am!


Skillful in being itself, Life so subtly starts

To play the flute, knowing that, like the snake,

I shall be charmed and entranced

Totally hypnotized

And that I shall willingly move out

And shed off any pretentious armor

That I have built around myself!


My breath exhilarated

My soul fluttering

I lower my guards

Move out of my hideout

And give in to Life!


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