Chakkakuru (Jack fruit seed)


Chakkakuru (Jack fruit seed)

You slippery fiddly one, with
That water-proof white coat
I shall cut you, then cook. Oh!
No, don’t slip, lest I would cut my finger.

I shall remove your bulgy –eye
First, the very mouth of your soul
Through which you sprout out
For I don’t want you to see me
Peeling you and the pain in my eyes
Reflecting that of a girl in the womb
Of life, striving to sprout, while being peeled
Her own skin away, to make a naked one-self.
The skin of shyness, the skin of lenience
That makes the bone a rubber twig

The life games such a wild number on her
And she sways in its whirling winds
She dies a death strangled by
The entangled creepers on her branches
She would rather be naked to let
The roots surge through her every pore
To grip a hold so strong to the soil
That she may withstand such winds

No matter how hard this water-proof
Slippery coat protects the white grace within
One day, one day it has to be broken
Either to die or to sprout!



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