Speak to us those words

that stilled the waters

and opened eyes,

Speak to us of the Days

to come when we shall stand

as others shall bright shining

as the sun for having listened

to those words spoken afar

off when days even then

were numbered;

Speak to us

when Days numbered shorten,

lest we fail to stand make

your words our limbs,

make your words ours

that we might speak of

seeing the blood that makes

You speak to us.

(This poem originally appeared in Issue #1 of “The Elephant”,Autumn 2010)

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    Absolutely top-notch!
    You too “Speak to us those words/that stilled the waters/and opened eyes.”
    You too “make your words our limbs”
    Obviously the highest kudos available~~ should be more available for your poetry.

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