Centering : Faith, Gratitude

I must confess to a faith- centred life
Without faith, I would be quite hollow
It’s nothing really that should cause strife
We all choose our own paths to follow

The Centre lies deep within myself
It’s the way I relate to the Universe
It’s what lets me ignore power and pelf
It’s the Ocean in which I all immerse

It’s in faith that I love it’s in faith I create
It’s in faith hope and love that I offer
All I can so that my journey I may complete
And God’s gifts back to Him thus proffer

I give thanks for all the beautiful souls
Whom I’ve met in this life’s journey
We are all God’s part yet we also are wholes
So let’s joust while we can at this tourney

There are times for joy , times for fortitude
There are times to live , times to die
But today for me is a day of gratitude
I say “ Thanks” , even as time goes by

( ASA )

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