Cello concert for climbing the stairs

The Dvorák cello slowly penetrates the walls of my silence
smoothly erasing bad memories
Light and music make me soar
light as only an angel could be
fluffing his wings like I do with my eyelashes
when light cuts my soul in two
perfectly halves mirroring of the same sin

The Dvorák cello is now deep under my skin
I feel how my wings start to grow
my ribs are cracking under the soar of new bones
pains are the roots for the sinless feathers
soon to be born

The high note in my throat is one with the cello string vibrato
tears and smiles are caressed by the vicinity with the sun
The soul is emerging through clouds
straight in the Paradise garden

4 thoughts on “Cello concert for climbing the stairs

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Cello concert..” stretches the reader’s perceptions of what is real and unreal within a poem’s narrative. Iulia’s metier achieves this effect with customary aplomb. For example , ” light cuts my soul in two “, now what fictional character does that remind me of ?

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