Celebrities Caught on Camera

We know who Charles Saatchi is now
though we already knew her name ,
with your hand around her throat
it’s you who entered the Hall of Fame ;

Sat at the Mayfair restaurant table
lenses recognised her face ,
they saw her frightened look
as you sat there in your place ;

With your hand around her throat
your eyes had that kind of stare ,
you wanted it kept private
but got caught out in a camera’s glare ;

Your hand pictured round her throat
in the middle of your act ,
despite all your denials
those images remain the fact .

3 thoughts on “Celebrities Caught on Camera

  1. lokesh roy

    Celebrities and camera always go hand in hand and as they rightly say’cameras never lie’- more so ,when Louis Kasatkin prefers to use his adjustable lens camera over an automatic version !

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