capturing past in a poem

One of these mornings,
Crisp in their frost
Harsh in their glassy bite
One of these mornings, I say
I will glide on the frozen side walk
Testing my adherence to the ground
And maybe, just maybe
In the presence of this phony sun
All smiles, no heat at all
I will travel back time
In another winter
When my father and his friend
Were pulling the sleigh with all of us
Their daughters on
When at a turn we woke up in snow
Laughing like crazy
Breaking the winter demons
With our laughter
One of these mornings, I say…

12 thoughts on “capturing past in a poem

    1. iulia gherghei

      Thank you so very much, Rahul Aithal!!! It is the time to return my face to the past fueling my future with its lessons

  1. Sunil Sharma

    Julia captures adroitly the fleeting sensations—like the Williams sisters catching the tennis balls in the French Open.
    If poetry carries us to distant shores, here is a fine example!
    Carry on poet Julia. We want more!

    1. iulia gherghei

      Thank you!!! Thank you, Sunil Sharma!!! Coincidence or not, tennis is my passion!!! Watching tennis, to be correct! 🙂 Most honored, Sunil Sharma!!


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