Can’t Love Freely

It pains me when I can’t freely love you
When I can’t gaze upon you without hesitation
Without feeling guilty

I know your heart is not free
But I can’t help but think of you

One way
Not two way
I hate me
For the love of you

Wishful thinking
Wishing I’m in her place
Smiling at me
Loving me

It’s a cliche, Love
On and off, the track
A train will hit me
I can’t just get a ticket
Ticket to your heart

I know it is wrong
But I can’t help feeling this way
I will wait
Until you realize
I will wait
Until you look my way

There’s no other way
I can’t help it
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe next week
Or maybe next year
Your heart belongs to me

4 thoughts on “Can’t Love Freely

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Can’t love freely”, captures all the nuances of disappointment and frustration that are commonplace to the human condition. That Ann’s work does this very much in a style that resembles at times, breezy,pop-like ,lyrics requires a great deal of skill which Ann possesses in abundance.

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