Calculus of time

Oh time ! where lies the origin of your flow

Of all the unknown equations

That curds the stem and grey cells

Sometimes leaves me pondered,sometimes mesmerized

With all the phenomenal unstoppable transits

Of the propulsion that escapes even beyond the escape velocity

Mathematics and physics in utter love to explore

With all unknown integration and differentiation

To soothe the very own protocol least ever defined

You hide at the mist of the mystery

Not to be unveiled

Yet playing profoundly every moment

For the impulsive momentum

Seeks the “ know-how”

Of your essence

For you alone exists

Witnessing the panorama of all asymptotes

With all the co-ordinates

On the “ spur” of expansion

For the existence of “LIFE”

It’s all the unknown calculus of Time

Of which the entire universe as a Rocketed Mathematician

Is in love with bits of even unimaginable fractions of your’s

Deriving concepts of basics

To seek the survival

Delving deeper for “THE LAW OF ATTRACTION “

To synchronise and resonate in the march of “The law of expansion”

For a break thy minutest to your “LOCI”

Is the divine submerge of void and infinite

It’s all thy calls with universally acclaimed termination

All says to defy ,yet! to define “ BIRTH” and “ DEATH”

Least understood yet lived

It’s all the calculus of time…….




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