But Wait !

On dark nights, I still hear
A sputtering and stammering of love notes
Huskily whispered on that first date.
But wait!
Do you remember the color of the dress I wore?
Was it a green gown or a pink pinafore
In those delectable days of yore?

Dreams simmered
Hope glimmered
As furtively, I gazed at that lopsided grin.
Tell me do you still grin that way
Do you?
Do you still blink when abashed?

Ah, on dark nights I still hear
You reciting loudly from King Lear
Misquoting and mangling the bard
“And best I may be yet: the best is not
So long as we can say this is the best.”
Ah, yes that was the best!

[With this poem I complete a century in DESTINY POETS – A POETIC CENTURY . FEELING ELATED] .

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