Burnished Memories

Some cherished memories are burnished into my skin
The guffaws, giggles and grins
Of a juvenile age
Rising above the present carnage.

I still remember
That cold day of December
When a child’s smile
Had warmed my heart.
Ah peace it was that sheathed me
When the child smiled so sweetly at me.

Peace it was when laughter was not fake,
Smiles not plastic, but of a genuine make
Into furnace’s fiery jaws
Time, the shoveller, legs apart
[Ah, sorry heart]
Shoveled away those memories!

But that chunk of memory has a knack
Of clawing its way back
From that crowded bonhomie.
Once again chuckling in unadulterated glee.
No more buckling under the ravages of time
No more spouting a bruised and battered rhyme
With that smile , peace descends on this violent clime.

3 thoughts on “Burnished Memories

  1. VijayNair

    A nostalgic look at a cherished past filled with genuine happiness.A lovely poem.The allusion to” when laughter was not fake” reminded me of Gabriel Okara’s ”Once upon a Time”.

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