Burn, Babylon, Burn.

A grand chorus of once muted voices sings ,

of the ruin of empires and the fall of kings ;

in silhouetted frenzy a new hope rises from the dark ,

the tinderbox of wealth has caused the spark ;

bloodied ,brow-beaten and bullied ,

the dreams of the many remain unsullied ;

the Acropolis and the Prado are burning to-night ,

to-morrow the Tate Modern will burn just as bright ;

carpeted with a billion twinkling shards ,

emptied shopping malls give inspiration to the Bards ;

and the graffiti-daubed monuments to privilege and power ,

now only mark their builders final hour .

2 thoughts on “Burn, Babylon, Burn.

  1. Louis Kasatkin Post author

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    Gloria Rodikis:- Louis Kasatkin you have here a very interesting poem! I wonder if it is also prophetic!
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    Louis Kasatkin:- Many thanks Gloria for your comments.And to answer your question that you posed at the end;I hope it is,I really do.
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  2. Louis Kasatkin Post author

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    I was trying to study your style and the rhythm and the rhyme and I got lost in your words instead…bloodied, brow-beaten, and bullied… all the verses burn with fervor.


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