Bullet soaked in blood

Grieving souls
rose hands to
sky, praying
for a sun to rise
and relieve
all pains
of shattered
daily life,
fearful eyes
tracing for God
to extend hands,
bullets and blood
in waste pits
waiting for rains
to wash all filth,
bullet shell
like metal stones
carpets on road,
cry of souls
for peace
echoing like
no human conquered
world ever,
make a world
once again oh! God,
were discrimination
by skin colour
and religious
are erased,
and whole world
stay tune
to same music
of love and
gift a song
for a sound sleep.

Copyright: Dev Dutt

10 thoughts on “Bullet soaked in blood

    1. Dev Dutt

      Thanks a lot Louis Kasatkin for posting my poem..I am truly humbled..my poem is a concern for the period no world is passing..suddenly a bomb blasts..one day it can be near our home too…it’s just a pain for the souls who really face it…
      With rich regards…

  1. Lokesh Roy

    Let me not unduly praise this poem. I would rather wait , as I perceive a great deal of empathy waiting to overflow in the days to come. A hearty welcome to Destiny club.


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