Brussels , our hearts weep

They ran helter skelter, seeking shelter
From an ear -deafening, heart-rending nightmare.
Horror-struck, they ran, wheeled luggage trailing behind
As twin blasts, ripped through Brussels airport.
Hearts pounding, they looked back
To see a wall of shattered glass
Shattering everything, alas!
Detached limbs confusedly lay on the floor
Amid pools of rubble and gore.
Ceiling panels fell on the dead,
Ah, brutal was Death’s tread.
Who are these deviants out to ravage and kill?
Surely, this cannot be God’s will.
Hundreds injured, thirty four dead.
When will this brutal senselessness, this bloodshed end?
This gory mindlessness, this mania for the color red?
Near the tarmac, the survivors
They said, wrapped themselves in blankets
To ward off the cold.
But hasn’t this cold seeped into our bones
Leaving in its wake heart-numbing moans?
They struck Europe’s heart
But, Brussels, our hearts weep
The wound has indeed gone deep.

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3 thoughts on “Brussels , our hearts weep

    1. VijayNair

      A vivid,visually compelling account of the traumatic event and the intensely moving scenes of human suffering in it’s aftermath.


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