Broken Shadows

If everything was nothing

and everyone was nobody,

why then gaze up at the Moon

when it isn’t there?

If all lies were true

and truth was never spoken,

why then rebuke those

who want to fall off the edge of the world?

If songs were tuneless

and spoken words noiseless,

why then listen to the empty air

wondering why others applaud the silence?

If chance were certainty

and hope not an illusion,

why then feel disappointment

when in the bright daylight shadows lie broken?




5 thoughts on “Broken Shadows

  1. lokesh roy

    One of the best from Louis Kasatkin I have come across. Ask me why ? It is unpretentious. The flow is like a river. It does not even try, it merely flows . What is more, the poem states the unstated , the absolute truth, which one sees through with divine eye.

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