Brief Notes on a Suicide Foretold (Rebooted 20/11/2019}

When you wave goodbye to the World,

for the last time,

don’t tell them that you’ll never be back;

It only makes the world sad

to hear such things,makes it feel

sadder than it already is;

So when you do wave goodbye,

goodbye, goodbye, forever and anon,

don’t tell them anything except

that you’re looking forward to some

time away and having a great time,

and that you’ll write.

2 thoughts on “Brief Notes on a Suicide Foretold (Rebooted 20/11/2019}

  1. Umarani Jayaraj

    the melting moments when one want to have a hearty outburst,still to be concealing from their sweethearts around…….Very beautifully captured Louis ! I loved it …..I am reminded of the LITT Syndrome–Lump In The Throat 🙂 Plazz allow me to share it in my group too…

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