Breaking free from a mouse wheel

Aren’t you tired of this perpetual circus
Always în someone else’s narrative
Ever since that time
When shadows were dancing on the walls of the caves
The narrative took the shape of a circus
Life narrates itself but
The script is written in someone else’s ink
The wise man said
Keep asking questions
Question on questions
If possible
Put your life on permanent scrutiny
Don’t allow others to spoil your soul
The wise man said
Think the good thought
Do the good deed
And your soul will elevate itself
From the shackles of this circus
The wise man said
Make an every day ritual
From thinking the good thoughts
From admiring every tiny details of this world
Learn the world from inside towards outside
Take your time, don’t rush out the peace that grows in your core
It is the ember of the force that will strip you out from the serpentine of this circus
Those bulls were drawn on those walls
You know, the cave’s walls
To keep the show going at all time
The narrator needed your complete addiction…
And after you worked on yourself
Liberated yourself from the mouse wheel
That this circus is
The wise man said
Love thy neighbour as you love yourself

8 thoughts on “Breaking free from a mouse wheel

  1. Amita Paul

    A revolving , circular poem that keeps returning to its gist with the use of repetition reminiscent of the rat race or daily grind to which it draws the reader’s attention , seeking in the end a Classical Greek resolution: “ Know Thyself “. The poem is also reminiscent of Pope in his Essay on Man :
    Know then thyself, presume not God to scan
    The proper study of Mankind is Man .


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