Breaking Away

The tempters came in
through leafy green darkness
out of caves long forgotten,
one by one
one after another
surreptitiously, whispering
or screaming loud,
laughing heartily.

I hid in corners
clutching my shoulders
crouching, afraid to give in,
an alien ringing tune humming in my ears
a scent of forbidden love pervading the air
smothered, gasping, I rose out of myself
leaving my picture of me behind
entangled in cradling cobwebs
overlooked in clean white nooks.

I emerged as a naked babe
unafraid, and hungry
unfurling my rusty wings
I flew, soared and floated
to the blossoming apple tree.

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About Madhumita Ghosh

Studied at Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India. M.A. M.Phil Ph.D in English. Associate Professor in a degree college affiliated to Calcutta university. Love reading, writing poems and short stories. Translation is another passion Have translated English Romantic poetry to Bengali and Tagore poems to English.

1 thought on “Breaking Away

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Allegory and metaphor are interwoven with allusions to situations of danger and panic.The casual reader is reminded of Alice-in-Wonderland,albeit through a Freudian glass darkly.

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