“Born Worn Torn Reborn”….


I was once born as a worm
Content with thousand progeny
Under a stone by the silent brook
Oblivious to this worldly misogyny
Happy in my private dark nook.

Then I was born as a rabbit,
Scurrying away with my folks
Gnawing all farmed carrots
Grinning in mirthful chokes
Playing with singing parrots.

I was once born as mynah, and anew…
As a cuckoo, singing sweetly for a lover,
catching fish as colorful, busy kingfisher,
A flamingo always flying to estuaries new.

Upon the meadows I galloped as a horse,
And croaked in ponds like monsoon frog,
I swayed through forest as elephant silent,
hid in jungle vines as Tigers of sunder-ban.

I crossed the desserts like a ship of camel,
And circled burial grounds like regal eagle.
Fluttered like impatient short lived butterfly,
Sipping nectar, honey, pollen and royal jelly.

I lived a four hundred years silent swimming,
In the seas like green grandfather tortoise.
I squeaked as a Dolphin and sung like whales,
From sea to land, land to rivers, and then to air.

Thus I cross a hundred million lifetimes,
To reach where I am to be born as human.
One of several kinds, not in dark not in light,
Somewhere between the stages I have to pass.

My wins are not wins enough,
My sins are not sins enough,
To be judged in a space and time,
Not within grasp of hand or mind.

I cross the ten phases of soul,
As the clockwork goes ticktock,
Now stuck in this midnight hour,
Waiting for a dimension beyond.

I was born as human,
Gazing at a cosmos beyond,
Peeping within layers hidden,
Stretching myself thin to oblivion,
Collapsing again to depths riddled.

I was born as cosmos,
Worn, torn and reborn,
I was alone, lone, in cycles.
Perishing emerging again and ,

Shashikala Sasidharan
All copy rights reserved as on 15/3/2015

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About Shashikala Sasidharan Elambakkattu

Shashikala S. is Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Rutgers University, USA working on developmental genetic and cellbiology. She has a doctorate in Proteomics and Cell Biology (Bio-technology) from Rajiv Gandhi Centre of Biotechnology (DBT), INDIA. And is actively involved with academic research, but poetry and painting are her passion. She writes on the realms of cosmic spirituality,nature's mysticism and egalitarian philosophy. Her poems have been published Kannur University Magazine, Tellicherry, Kerala and in anthologies 'Resonance" by "Poets Artists Unplugged" and "Across The Way" and at https://www.facebook.com/shashikalapoemsandthoughts/

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  1. pramila khadun

    We are souls come from far, we are the creation of a mighty power and to reach the human life, we have crossed many waters and fires.Great poem which is so body, mind and soul stirring.

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