We stand tall
Amidst them all
Volumes of Mystery
Windows into history

Tales of lost lovers
Hiding under soft covers
Praying for tomorrow
Words of heartbreaking sorrow

Stories of resentment and hate
Endings deciding our fate
Slowly turning the pages
Quickly suppressing our rages

Pages of horror, our demons so near
Holding our breath against deep-seated fear
Among wars that were won, were lost
Will we ever know the true cost?

Take me to a different land
Of beautiful oceans and white-washed sand
Let the words like waves wash over me
Untie my chains and set me free

Into a world where troubles are few
Everything is shiny and new
No more feeling tarnished and used
Pages torn out, lost and abused

Dare to put down the book
Open your eyes and take a good look
Read the last chapter
…no happily ever after

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