Blues rhythm

I have sharpened my pencil
Now it’s time to write myself
Some good poetry
No matter how it will come out
My pencil is sharp and
The blues is filling the room

The poem will blow up the light balls
The new obtained darkness will have crystal sharp claws

Are you ready to break?

4 thoughts on “Blues rhythm

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    If Poetry itself had a gender ,then this poem would be a femme fatale. Think of Barbara Stanwyck in ” Double Indemnity “. Don’t be fooled by lines like ,” I have sharpened my pencil ” , the 10 inches kind that cuts through rope maybe .

  2. Iulia

    I remember those green eyes, Barbara’s eyes!!! Thank you sooo much for an extraordinary comment!!! Every time I am surprised, pleasantly surprised by the accuity and the humor depicted from your comments, Louis Kasatkin!!!!

  3. Lata

    Dear friend lulia,find beautiful , though Louis comment indication something link from memories , even away from that , beautiful read Indeed ! respects


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