Blown Kisses.

 The sun shone down a while today.
Sparkled mountains far away.
Warmed the earth.
Blessed the land.
Blown kisses from my Fathers Hand.

Creator, Lord,
Above it all.
Who knows when every sparrow falls.
Why is it that You Love me so?
So unworthy,
that I know.

The sky was blue, with cotton clouds.
Just a hint of breeze allowed,
to whisper gently through the trees,
Believe, Receive, on bended knees.

I try so hard,
but always fall,
into the Arms that hold us all.
Raise me up, help me stand.
Every moment,
He has planned.
For God so Loved The World.

All is Wonder, all is Grace.
So Beautiful, to find His Face.
Hear His Voice, so gently call,
and know,
The Greatest Love of All.

Birdsong as they flit and play.
Just breathing in this Fragrant day.
Petals falling,
where I stand.
Blown kisses from my Fathers Hand.

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About Elizabeth

I am a Teacher/Family Educator, 'would be farmer', potter, Jill of all trades! friend to all........woman of Faith, who loves to write 'spillings' from her heart in the hope of helping another.

6 thoughts on “Blown Kisses.

  1. lokesh roy

    A poem that depicts a clear heart,a mind that is rejoicing with contentment and saying a big ‘Thank you’ to the almighty for His love and kindness.

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    EDITORIAL NOTE:- This is to acknowledge that ” Blown Kisses ” by Elizabeth was chosen as 1 of 4 poems to be part of the 5th. Phase of , “ Featured Poets & Poems ” to be exhibited, for 4 weeks, commencing 28th.May , 2012, in Poets’ Corner @ Destiny Church,Wakefield.

  3. Elizabeth Post author

    Wanted to share with my fellow writers……Blown Kisses has now been set to music by a local composer/ ‘Classical’ musician, who read it quite by chance and felt moved to add his skills. I havent heard it yet, but am very excited, and think it will be lovely!…..

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