Blotted Out


Blotted them out,
it’s just as if
they had never existed;
He said,” removed,remembered no more”
at such thoughts my eyes are misted,
Perfect in your righteousness,
Lord how can that be?
such mercy I can’t understand,
yet I so want to see,
for we can’t dismiss
such wonderful Redemption,
I’m sorry I’m so forgetful
when you’ve given me exemption,
from hell’s death and destruction;
prepared a place for us,
right in your Father’s glory
no right of mine,no fuss
just love unbound,wonderful,
I’m left no more to do
except “come follow me my child”,
“for I AM the way through !”
turn my heart from selfish gain
unto Your love for all,
and Lord pick me up I pray
when I’m so prone to fall.


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