The western sky had the look of a greedy vampire
Just finished gorging ravenously on blood
Mouthing a vocabulary of crimson grandeur
Scared Silhouettes slouched
The smell of blood lingered in the air.
Was it Lady Macbeth in that dark nook
Invoking the perfumes of Arabia?
Why did the smell of blood linger
On and on?
Malevolence meandered mercilessly
The earthly sounds of bleats, blood-curdling blasts
Sonorous, sounds, onomatopoeic, hit her
And she too shivered as the earth quivered.

My mind played host to
A different sonority.
Orphan thoughts trudged the suffocating labyrinths
Mumbling abstractions; not one syllable comprehensible.
Suddenly appeared an army of glowworms in the dark
Holding lanterns in a show of ephemeral intimacy.
The nightmares scurried away, helter-skelter, like hunted wild boars.
The ghosts, and djinns felt decimated.
The night brightened, elating me, as my sane mind berated me.
And life went on.

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