Blissful perfection

One fine night, without having fear

Of the infinite or the fear of death,

I woke up in a land with bewildered looks.

As I got used to this new land,

Allusive and enchanting, like a rose,

A smile bloomed on my lips.


Having an insatiable thirst to know

About the new land, I strolled around

In light steps as if propelled by wings.

Clear water flowed in rivers

Whose beds were not made of litter.

The circling gulls flew in glee

Enjoying the free and fresh air

Which knew not a tint of pollution.


As I moved ahead, I saw men, women
And children walking in a garden

Plucking apples, pears, grapes and mangoes.

What struck me more was not the size of the fruits

But the beautiful nakedness of the fruit pickers.

It seemed so natural, so elegant, so sensuous.

Men and women moved around with

Such comfort, such ease, such grace,

All so inspirational, so emotional, so classy.


There was not a line of worry on their faces.

Their smiles came from their hearts.

They showed such care and concern for others.

Nothing seemed to be ‘mine’ or ‘yours’,

Everything was ‘ours’.

There was no worry of the past or future

For they were beautifully focused on the present.


I so much wanted to meet them

And like chocolate, melt in their oneness.

I was so afraid to be naked like them

And hid behind a bush, yet, the pull

Was so irresistible and as I went near them,

My clothes, on their own fell one by one.


What a hearty welcome! The kisses rained.

The good wishes poured and the touches

Were like flashes of lightning

Illuminating my body.

I forgot the past, I felt so light, so happy

Without the weight of garments or ornaments.


We were talking, laughing, teasing each other

While the ants moved the boulders of sugar

So sweetly, so effortlessly and 

The bees hovered around lovely flowers.

There were singles and couples,  all swimming

In the pure waters of love, so buoyant.

Very often, a woman would leave her partner

And hold tightly the arms of another man

And a man would press gently the teats

Of the big breasts of another woman

Without bringing love and faith to disgrace.

All this freedom, this playfulness, this gaiety,

Made me fly like a kite

When two strong arms drew me close

 To a young man in whose eyes

Love was written in capital letters.


pramila khadun


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I am the holder of a Bsc degree in Food and Nutrition from S.N.D.T University,Pune,India.Have taught this subject in a private institution for almost thirty-five years.Currently, I am retired and travel alot with my husband Raj, daughters Dr Rajnee and Priyum and son Airline Captain.Had my first book of poetry published by Minerva press, London and other two in Mauritius.More coming soon.I love poetry and enjoy reading poems of poets across the world and I feel Destiny Poets is the right place for me.

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