Blinded by Reason

Blinded by reason we protest the innocence
of the world and of those in it ,
whom we have long since discarded
from our conscious remembrance ;
We swore oaths to no longer remember them ,
to erase their names from any and all
tributes which we as poets might be
called upon to give at some future rendezvous ,
beside a grave that would have chosen better
to remain unmarked ;
For all its wreaths and elegies
the rot and stink of unforgiving unyielding centuries ,
their jealous motes of dust rising
and falling with the indecipherable wind ;
We are called to pay respects out of
our own pockets long since bereft of
any such coinage worth the name ;
Our skin prickles at the sound of trumpets
encroaching on our accustomed slumbers ,
which we sought after and found ,
idling and unkempt after a perjorative fashion
that ought to stain our own memories indelibly ;
Yet we wipe the slate clean and achieve nothing
grander than emptying the chamber-pot of
our own intellectual detritus which has no
enduring value no pedigree mystically bred
in those realms which pedants proclaim as ethereal ;
In the end ,this end ,the end to fatuous blathering ,
what covers us is not glory but dirt from a spade.

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