Blank Paper

I simply observe
a blank paper
as it oozes with
a million poetries unwritten,
a trillion paintings unpainted,
or a zillion tunes un-composed.

That pure potential
of the blank sheet,
more powerful,
more multidimensional,
than a written word,
a sketched figure
or a composed lilt.

So I let it go
and it flies in the wind,
carelessly, blankly,
bereft of emotions,
not knowing that
it carries within itself
the womb of creation
of what
could have been.

6 thoughts on “Blank Paper

  1. VijayNair

    Pithy and fascinating .A rumination on the ‘potential’ of the unwritten.One is reminded of Keats’ ”Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter.”


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