She Comes
and casts a spell
on the banal moments
of your insignificant existence
Rage of her black silence
burns down
the constellation of your absurd ego
without your slightest knowledge


You who always
remained oblivious
of her illuminated self
fall into her fathomless darkness
in oblivion

Darkness that exists
in the womb of your mother
in the bewildered-black eyes of your baby
the darkness that lies beneath the earth
your last asylum
that engulfs your entire universe
and dazzles you

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About sarita_Jenamani

Sarita Jenamani was born in Cuttack, India. She studied economics and business administration in Orissa and Vienna, published several books of poetry in Hindi and Oriya her mother tongue, she has also translated several poems (including Lorca, Paz, Rose Ausländer and other Austrian Poets). She is currently living and working in Vienna.

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