Black hole and the soul theory


Pastel  ,vibrant, fluorescence

with all brilliance in a bingo ,

Partioned hues of flaring split colours

as in the pristine rainbow,

Heptachromacity  all fusing

in no meany  marshmellow mingle,

Wrinkling out the segmented provincial worries

into a fairy white single;

Ain’t  no god!  Let me just dwindle out

each vivid angel out of the white’s castle,

Oh Spicy Pringle! I am unabetadly caught

in a naughty noone  bland jungle,

Blinding beauty, mysterious binding bonds

sucking into a central whirlpool,

Experiencing the magical, like a

magnetic or gravitational quicksand,

Whatever it is, it’s the x-factor elusivity

behind life- sustaining witchcrafts,

Which  holds the long-probed eternality

of the severed universe and the solitary souls;

Bodily ceasing from momentary earthly existence  ,

and the dying visible horizon of the apparent universe,

Are like but hues of white soon realizing into the sublime truth,

all yelling and pulling us to take a final promising  black plunge ;

Oh Poets ! I now feel one among the intellect bald community,

Not one, but both of the physical and metaphysical fraternity!

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About Umarani Jayaraj

An Avid Literary Enthusiast ,have just entered the main arena of writing with poetry,to follow suit on other forms too .Keen on writing my soul out on intriguing soul-searching/stirring metaphysical themes,passionate romance ,social concerns close to heart & anything influencing me-- with a sort of surrealistic imagery n crafted wordplay being my natural style. Want to have a firm professional place in literary & creative media world reaching global audience! (Ahh, its warmth of home ..coming back here to Destiny now after almost 3 to 4 yrs , this 2015, feels I was away for long...but at my other poetic home so lovable as this. I wish I keep frequenting both the soulful spaces foreva..!:) tq Poets, tq Destiny. Various Links to this nomadic me:)

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