Black Eye

(By Jan Phillips )

Lots of people say they are Christians
They don’t act like one
They do so many things each day
That make them seem the other way.

What makes a Christian look like one
Is the way they choose to live
They can share their real blessings
Not just the window dressings.

Being a Christian means you are willing to sacrifice
Just look at Jesus, He gave up His life
It also means you get blessings beyond what you expect
Only if you give your life to Jesus can you collect.

People give us Christians black eyes every day
That’s because we let them by the things we do and say
No amount of makeup can cover the black eye you got that way
Just give your life to God through Jesus and he will take it away.

Ask forgiveness for your sins and mean it in your heart
That my friend is just the very start
Then you must live for God in every other way
No matter what your friends and foes ever have to say.

Sinning you are gonna do as we all have done
Nobody is perfect, there was only the ONE
He will be back to claim you, He has said He would
Just keep asking forgiveness as you know you should.

Don’t worry about the black eye
You may once have had
The grace of God took it away
So makeup is not required to cover it today.

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About Jan P

I was born and raised and still live in the great state of Oklahoma in the U.S.A. I live in Oklahoma City and have lived her for over 40 years. Came from a small town in eastern Oklahoma. I was raised on a farm as my daddy was a sharecropper. I worked for the Department of Defense for over 30 years. I am now retired and trying to catch up on all the things I didn't get to do when I worked. I have written poetry for many years, but only recently started writing more since I have found a place where others can enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

3 thoughts on “Black Eye

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    It makes a lot of very important points very well indeed.One of the strengths of this poem, is the unadorned and straightforward style of delivery and the informal and at times collquial manner,which these poems distinctive.What I imagine to be the rythm and cadences of the this poem brings to mind country-style guitar picking. Have you tried setting some of your poetry to music?They certainly seem well suited.

    1. Jan P Post author

      Actually I had thought of doing that. I just need to find a player who can do impromptu playing. Thank you for your comments Louis. You are as always candid and correct.


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