Remembering Bapu

What we have made
of our peaceful orb –
A homespun yarn
but a cobweb of
A Bitcoin –
our material lust
for hoarding more and more

Our futility
Barks out
Twisting the facts
in a volcanic uproar –
Faking prudence take

We barter hatred
in lieu of peace
the only divident –
to vomit nihilistic upheave

There is no Champaran Satyagrah
No Dandi march now
That regaled the yore
in stories our brave great grandfathers and great grandmothers, told

What we have made
of ourselves
is the only regret,
of our doings
Optimistically sledging
I know not, where

2 thoughts on “Remembering Bapu


    In the present days, people are so materialistic and self-oriented! Those great human values Mahatma left for us through his simple life are all forgotten… Where are those values of Ahimsa, truthfulness, tolerance etc lost? The poem prompts one to rethink.

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