The memorable day is ever lost

In the welter of memories. 

Until I wake up with a start to a scurry of

warm wishes from the near and dear.

They seem to know me more than I.

Every birthday is a renewal of life,

taking fresh guard and wading into

the day;  extending your palm to

grab the gleaming rays of  the Sun,

feel the sheaf of light in front.

Easier said than done;   but without

a tinge of optimism of what meaning

is the passing of your birthday? 

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About K.S.Subramanian

Published two volumes of poetry through the Writers Workshop, Kolkata, India titled Ragpickers and Treading on gnarled sand. My poem Dreams bagged the cash prize award from Asian Age, a reputed daily. Poems and short stories have appeared in several web sites of reputation and standing. Writing is a nourishing experience. Otherwise feel emaciated.

9 thoughts on “Birthday

    1. Dr Swati A Gadgil

      Nice piece on birthday! something that many in my country will never experience as they do not know when they were born….or they have a fake birthdate

  1. Amita Paul

    A reflective lyric in the genre of occasional poems , commemorating a milestone with a mixture of memories of the past, experiences of the present and hopes for the future .

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