Between seconds traveling

Flat hat on a hairless head
that old pattern that hats and raincoats
always have on a lonely person
The man next to me and his gray destiny
on a steamer cutting heavily the waters
to a peaceful destination…
our breaths make little islands of steam on the windows around
tying my seconds of his in little waves of silence
Lost, each, in our attempt to recapture the wind
in the mills
we try to avoid the patterns set before us
There is only one ticket to the solitary shore
Porters in white gowns stare to the slippery shadows
arrived at their gates
Noisy bells… I believed for a second that they were for me
The ship just saluted another ghost-steamer passing through
the same muddy waters.

6 thoughts on “Between seconds traveling

  1. ramesh rai

    Suddenly I chose this poem but finally could know the author is none other than you. Though poetry is itself always unsaturated but with no hesitation I can not deny your work. your works are always fabulous and very soulful as if a very much matured . Poetry is an endless journey and you are an endless poetess shining in the darkest night which may be alone but the existence can never be denied. Keep going on my friend.

  2. iulia gherghei Post author

    Thank you so very much, ramesh rai!!! Your most generous comment makes my Monday fabulous!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Louis Kasatkin

    Some subjects,such as sadness ,despair and loneliness are amongst the most artistically complex to address and are more of a challenge to engage with in poetry than others. Iulia deals with all these magnificently.

  4. Iulia gherghei

    Most honoured by your extremely generous comment, Louis Kasatkin! Thank you for your permanent effort to motivate me!


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