Bella touch

Keep not verbose
Those tertiary words
of your higher understanding
Speak touch-me-not
by the feelings of your supple heart
I am beggarly beaten up, always
by the grammarian in you

My apogee runs amok
folding inwards
defending my heart
as all becomes a straw
Stub of your lipsing tongue

Keep not verbose
Those tertiary words.
Be my bella touch
Beau of my understanding
to reopen the fleshy leaves
for all to see and read; and
to touch me again

© Tapeshwar Prasad

6 thoughts on “Bella touch

  1. Amita Paul

    The entanglement of thoughts with words to create intriguing patterns of creativity via a fertile imagination is the prerogative of poetry though mere wordplay doth not poetry make. Reading this poem aloud might make one lip- sync lip-sing as lisping. “ Noli me Tangere” provides a nice cross referential touch with an ancient echo.

  2. Pushmaotee Subrun

    Keep not verbose
    Those tertiary words.
    Be my bella touch..what a plea to the beloved to stay simple and loving!


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