Being God

Do you really want to be God?
You have to love people
Who don’t love you.
He wants us to anyway.

You would have to send your child
To die on the wicked cross.
That really must have hurt,
Just to save those who are lost.

To know all the things He knows,
And do all the things He does,
That would keep you busy,
It would make me dizzy.

You would know what was going to happen,
But you wouldn’t always stop it.
What a decision that would be to make.
Big responsibility is what that would take!

To always do the right thing would be required.
I can’t even do it part of the time,
Just thinking about it makes me tired.
Knowing what He knows He loves us anyway!

I think being God would be really hard,
So I will try to do what He asks of me,
And be the best servant I can be,
Maybe I can make His job easier you see.

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About Jan P

I was born and raised and still live in the great state of Oklahoma in the U.S.A. I live in Oklahoma City and have lived her for over 40 years. Came from a small town in eastern Oklahoma. I was raised on a farm as my daddy was a sharecropper. I worked for the Department of Defense for over 30 years. I am now retired and trying to catch up on all the things I didn't get to do when I worked. I have written poetry for many years, but only recently started writing more since I have found a place where others can enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

4 thoughts on “Being God

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Being God ” , maintains the consistent quality that we have come to expect of Jan’s Faith – Centered work. EDITORIAL NOTE TO JAN:-I am curious to know if you have ever considered publishing, in some form or other ,what is a fair amount of collected work ?

    1. Jan P Post author

      I would love to publish my work. I just have no clue how to go about it. If I knew how, I certainly would. Thanks for the comments, you always are very astute.

      1. Louis Kasatkin

        From what I’ve seen on FB,Christian CreativeWriters might be able to provide some useful advice.From amongst our own cohort of registered poets,I know that Johanne Gallagher recently announced the first ever publication of her work.


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