Being Complete

 A part of me often goes back to those girlie days 
 When I defined life a little differently
 Truth changes its colour when I relive 
 those nebulous moments in the wake of clarity
 That’s when my blurry vision reveals power...
 The power of thoughts to distain distant reality.
 I was an ordinary girl living around mundane events
 Perhaps born to procreate, do purposeless chores
 And die on a day realizing that I was indeed alive
 That’s when world would celebrate the true meaning 
 of womanhood caged by my body; defined by power...
 The power of a man sketched by his desires.
 I am a woman born a million times, from extinction
 My story is not for sale, with spice and violence 
 I am the reverberation from history’s silence
 Reborn on fiery spring days, hewing legacy with no ideals
 While the cosmos fills me with power...
 The power of the creator to Be Complete. 
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About Suma K Gopal

Suma hails from a village in Kerala, India, and writes in English and Malayalam. Her poems, written through those inevitable moments of change, are quiet expressions that help her unmask. Her poems have been published in various international anthologies including Inner Child Press International, Amaravati Prism, and xpresspublications/, and has written lyrics for music albums. Suma holds Master’s degree in English Language and Literature and has given poetry readings at a number of events. Suma began her career as a web journalist about two decades ago, but later she chose a profession in Human Resources, while poetry remains her passion.Suma is a South Indian classical musician, a certified executive coach and a senior Human Resources professional in a multinational organization based in Bangalore.

6 thoughts on “Being Complete

  1. Amita Paul

    ‘ Truth changes its colour when I relive
    those nebulous moments in the wake of clarity’
    Brilliant insight .


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