The year is about to wrap up.
Heavy luggage it carries.
The broken shards of heart’s affections,
And the wet dry tears of lost attentions.
Lot of secrets to be shared yet untold.
And hopes breathing their last in its folds.
Might be some dreams too that seek their demise,
And the incidents that leave you much wise.

Let them go.Let bygones be bygones.
Allow the grudges to sift through your fingers,
as the sand which doesn’t ever last.
The Exes which were never meant to be yours,
allow them to simply disappear fast.

Fake friends were a lesson for you to learn,
let them go and forgive as you step on the threshold
Trust your heart and brain and instincts,Yes!All
Don’t allow surmise to continue,
Learn your lessons anon and let the year set sail

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