Battle of Lutzen 1632:The fate of Von Pappenheim

The fading salvation of the skills of a surgeon,
too far away for this desperate carriage,
a funeral without cortege to reach ;
Far away from fading grey tatters
of evening and battle’s stench,
How sweet the singing of “Te Deum”
for Hapsburg Imperial Eagle ascendant,
yet no bandages for staunching only
slivers and rags of your general’s coat;
drenched in a fever that wrenches “Santa Maria”
from your once reticent lips;
as numbness encroaches and blankets
you with the frost;
The adrenalin rythm relentlessly beating
as your Eagle’s wings once did ,
soaring across haunted fields of ripening corn
casual pillage for the eagles and their young;
soaring above firestorm gutted
churches ,barns and ricks,
the wretched poor succumbing to the
penance of your Imperial steel crucifix;
soaring over a catechism
of hooves clattering in courtyards,
impatient for you to recite orders demanding death;
The Eagle’s rythm frantic’ly beating
over this desperate carriage ,
like the wings of the angel of death;
reciting with you the Final Absolution,
as you succumb to its penance,
demanding your life.

2 thoughts on “Battle of Lutzen 1632:The fate of Von Pappenheim

  1. lokesh

    The poem ,for a moment,leaves the layman in a jiffy-as to what to think of the General,the central character.As it rolls on, it tips the scale in favor of peace by sending the message astutely with much finesse-a rare skill deserving attention from the serious in literature.
    Extremely interesting and readable.

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