Barely Treading Water.

Barely treading water,
Lord, I don’t know why?
All the dreams I once believed,
somehow passed me by.


Do I make a difference ?
Do I serve you well ?
Or am I just a failure?
Sometimes so hard to tell.


I need to feel You close to me
I need to see Your Face
I need to rest upon The Rock
To sleep in Your Embrace.


I need to find a better day,
a better way to be,
then perhaps I’ll get it right,
see the You in me.


But for now Im tired Lord,
I can’t find Your Hand.
This thing called life has got me beat,
and I don’t understand.


So Father, could you carry me,
at least, until I see,
a plan, a purpose to it all,
a reason just to be.


Pity parties aren’t my style.
So this is just for You.
You know,
You see my shredded heart,
Help me shine on through.



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