Bad man in the house

Oh, no, no
The man is not bad
The world around him is
But who shaped the world
The man did

First he went for hunting
Killed his soul with that
Suddenly, the eyes of his woman had the same colour as the deer he killed
A permanent reproach he spots there
His soul died once again
When he slapped her
But his fury kept digging with every kill
He brought home
And you know what kills your soul even more
Justifying your wrongful deed
You had to survive so you kill any animal in sight
That was their purpose
You are the superior being

Not long after that war came into picture
Another contortion of the soul
Killing your own with a perfect fabricated motivation
Not even faith or God’s laws
God’s forgiveness can’t mend what is broken now
The most difficult thing to forgive yourself takes a huge toll
And to what avail, the killings won’t stop
They would become only more impersonal
More industrious, rigorous even
No, man is not bad
It’s Alien

6 thoughts on “Bad man in the house

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    Man turning out to be the enemy of man… the battle of man against man…this is the grim reality, so very shocking! And yet it goes on and on…

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