Autumn Sky

Trees birds stones
Fall wind Winnowing hair
Tumbles, the leaves
Bare the tree; free to fly.

Wafting the scent
of dew soaked leaves.

In search of depth
Inhaling the morning mist.
The Sun cannot flex muscle
In autumn sky.

Colours all around
Red orange yellow

Seedless earth in its absence
Searching the lost wings
Mine from you, yours
Buried in silence
To bring back freedom .

So many ways to move up
Your whisper fading away
In the night of shadows
Beauty almost like death.


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About gopallahiri

Gopal Lahiri, a bilingual poet from India, has been writing poetry for more than twenty years. He has had five poetry collections in Bengali (mother tongue) and five collections in English. His poems appeared in print and electronic publications worldwide. He is a regular contributor of poems in several poetry web sites and magazines.

6 thoughts on “Autumn Sky

  1. Lokesh Roy

    Stunning ! to be precise. If I may be allowed to delve a bit into this lovely work, I detect a line missing- mine from you, yours from me.


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