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About Elizabeth Kuriakose

A hectic career as a banker and looking after family kept me busy for ages. Quit my job to look after family. Once the children were old enough to take care of themselves, I discovered my love for writing in late 2014. Words in poetry or prose have been my constant companion thence on.

The Cremation

I sit beside the funeral pyre
anguished, heartbroken
Unchecked tears stream down
Watching your soul leave
as coloured specks in
the flames rising high,
golden yellow merging into deep orange;
higher still
with specks of black,
I scald
and hurt.

As the heat gets to you
in your letters,
they arch up in agony,
and fall back
every word
of love,
of passion,
of promise,
of eternity,
briefly illuminated
before burning bright
and vanishing in
the pile of growing ash.

Your fragrance permeates
the chill night air;
all your letters
had that subtle fresh aroma
I so loved.

How could
I ever destroy these
love missives
as you did
our love?
Every epistle I
read and re-read
every word
every expression
every sentence
every doodle
your pen graced
was etched deep
in my soul.

I’m letting go.
The stench of decay
had set in.
I had to cremate our dead love.

I wince as
the last letter writhes
in pain and disappears;
the embers alone remain.
Head bowed,
widow-like I sit,
long after the glowing ashes
turn white.

As I finally leave,
I fail to see
an ember rise,
hover in the air,
and fly straight back
into my heart.

Elizabeth Kuriakose

Dream Lover

In the

harsh glare

of daylight

I see clearly

the wrinkles

of your shallow promises

the zits

of selfishness

the dark moles

of naked lust

the pus-filled acne

of jealousy

the scaly dandruff

of cruelty

that you so well conceal


that irresistible smile


chocolate coated words


I’d rather

you be mine

within the soft

smoky veils of

my dreams






Elizabeth Kuriakose

An Incomplete Sentence

‘Twas your words that

stopped my wandering eyes

speed reading;

and I went back to re-read

slowly, savouring every word.


Just as ’twas my mind

in black letters against a

white background

that caught your roving eye

putting a comma in its path.


Thinking we understood

each other

we tried to write

together, as one.


Alas! We could form

but a phrase – an

incomplete sentence,

not making complete sense,

with neither a beginning

nor an end, now

suspended in decaying


Cold War

when egos clash

there’s a bite in the air

an icy coldness

that cuts through

the blazing morning sun

perspiration runs down

propped up spines

that shudder in

cool shivers

dinner by chilled

candle light

in arctic silence

you bang the

bedroom door


aeons later

with frost-bitten fingers

I push gently

and then shove

winter apparently

still persists


the door shut

Elizabeth Kuriakose


Suddenly, many friends, acquaintances, relatives, friend’s friends seem to be afflicted with this scary desease. This is for all of them. Chin up! Be brave! And no – I am not afflicted.


The frequent urge to pee
was irritating you see;
felt a bit bloated too.
PMS? feeling blue!

Was my diet plan working?
Three kilos per week I was losing.
Abdominal pain was a bother;
indigestion, another!

Loose motion plagued me;
tiring it turned out to be.
Was I really sick, I wondered,
as to a doctor, I wandered.

A CA-125, other blood tests,
ultra sounds -real pests.
Finally, the result was declared.
“Ovarian cancer – be prepared!”

The first shock left a scare.
The doc was kind and full of care.
The grade needed to be gauged.
Then, it had to be staged.

Chemo is a definite option,
but I need to tread with caution.
At least 6 cycles I’m told,
“Face it bravely, be bold.”

That’s what I’m gonna be.
I’ll get over this, just wait and see.
Positivity works, pray for me.
I will never let this cancer get me!!

Elizabeth Kuriakose
14th Jan.2016

Deep Desire

’twas the desire

that woke me


’tis still way too early

I turn to him

lying beside

curved to my contours

his squiggly snores

come from deep sleep

I shut my eyes


to sleep again

but the longing

is too intense

the urge undeniable

I roll off the bed

in dark silence

and tip toe out

sitting on the

kitchen stool

minutes later

I shut my eyes

in ecstasy

drinking in

the aroma

of freshly brewed


that I so desired

Elizabeth Kuriakose


The train pulls away

just as I settle into my window seat

“Lucky you, every holiday you visit a new home”

My friend’s refrain makes me smile

Three uncles and an aunt

from both sides

Four destinations

Two vacations a year

Every fourth trip to the same house

Very clockwork

Very precise

Ever since I could remember

That had been the routine

They were all kind

and loving

The rest of the time, I was in the hostel

Shorter holidays were spent with

the sisters in the convent

who loved me even more

Orphan that I was



Yes of course

I do have them

No tap root

but fibrous ones

spread across

four destinations

Elizabeth Kuriakose

The Flower Seller

I watch her gnarled hands

deftly string together


fragrant, milky white jasmines

its scent wafting across

enchanting passers-by

a small assortment of flowers

jasmines, marigold, champa

lotus, hibiscus and basil leaves

add colour to her basket

she’s been at it

from as long as I remember

at the same spot

outside the temple

her betel-stained lips shooting

a jet of red

accurately into

an old tin she keeps

out of view

time has changed nothing

everything remains as it was

the same expression

the same posture

the same movements

the same colourful flowers


red, yellow, pink and white

the same heady scents


the fragrance

and colours

shy away from her life

leaving it