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About David Hinolan

David Hinolan is a registered Filipino pharmacist who currently works as a Research and Development (R&D) Assistant at a pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. During pharmacy school, he has served as Editor-In-Chief for The Eagle Publication, Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod's official college student publication on 2016-2017. He has won several international writing awards — one of those was the 2015 International Writing Essay Contest for the Youth sponsored by The Goi Foundation and UNESCO where he ranked as 2nd Prize Winner. On 2018, he was awarded with the IWAG Award for excellence in journalism and developmental communication given by the Philippine Information Agency under the Presidential Communications Operations Office. He started writing essays during elementary and was also a campus editor during high school. If not busy with his budding research career, he also enjoys writing Haikus and Tankas. For him, writing essays is the best way to express his true self.


Youth is the splendid explosions of things hindered by age
A collision of stars, promises, flaws and a scarred image
Youth is the fickle spark that blows into scattered, dazzling glitters
Floating to the space: mistakes, victories and forgiven celestial matters

Youth is the red on roses, the yellow on sun, and the gray on screens
It is the humorous orange, on the orange tree that has sprouted greens
It is the every color you notice, the every daring odd you see
Because youth is the time of superficial joy, a dove finally set free

Youth is the growing iridescent fish, braving against the currents of fate
Being pushed back, being pulled back, drowning, wavering its faith
But it’s also the every reason behind its tail that sprints and dashes forward
It is determination — the burning resilience even when life gets hard

Youth is the circus of thousand risks, the ones that bring it to the verge
It is also the mask of thousand fears, yet breaks and bolds into courage
It is the chances wisely taken, the wrong turns savaged to progress
The consequences of mistakes, an epiphany of forgiveness

Youth is the winter breakout that covers fields with innocence
The warmth of summer and ice creams as if betrayal never happens
Youth blooms with spring, a hope to rise from our fall
Silent autumn, a drip, an impact, a ripple

But youth is also the struggling spirit and the rowdy chaos
The silent voice the spreads to the dark mass — vanishes then lost
It is the rejection of flaws and the shattering of a genuine crystal soul
A salvation of tomorrow, standing up again and making you whole

Youth is the experiences and people who ran through the timeline of eternity
Seeing the joys and pains, feeling the falls and flights — the gate to maturity
It is the first time you fell in love and searched the corners with unwanted shadows
An angel for most, but for some, it is the mirror of their ghosts

Youth is the canvass of what we know and what we don’t yet
It is a hopeful like a rising dawn, but haunting like a closing sunset
When youth passes by, it sure ends with beautiful memories and faces
Like a letter of friendship or love, written with fleeting promises

Youth will one day leave by my side and be with the next poets in time
But all I wish is when that day comes, through my own sets of rhyme
Though I may be forgotten, but please not the youth I have known
Because youth is my treasure of intangibles — a once dead seed, now had grown