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You are my all

Beautiful sky can see you
Sun the lover of moon can see you
Moonbeam can hug you so easily
Even sweet breeze can kiss you endlessly

I am seeing wonderful puffy clouds
I told then to help me with some words
What a wonder they felt my worries about you
And told me, they will convey my pain, by vow

I am so unlucky, I can’t
You are my sweet heart
Then they can, why I can’t
They also know, you live in my heart

I know without bear pain love can’t be
I also know lover has an extra eye which can see
This may be called imagination
Only lover can feel the real situation

Is it called eternal love?
Yes, says my revived believe
Whatever it may be, honey dear
Only I know you have fulfilled my nature

Where there is no patent pain
Love obviously can’t be remain
You always live in my lyrical soul
And for me, you are my all

Ask your ear-ring…

You live in deep of my heart
My breath is the proof of that
Torrent could be seen in the ocean
How could I show tornado of my vain

You live in my emancipated soul
The truth, only apocarpous can tell
Your every word lays in my ribs bones
Please dear don’t ever live me alone

My morning is you and night also you
Power of understanding depend upon you
O Arabian jasmine, you can do anything
But don’t ever say, I will stop talking

Your voice makes me crazy
Your melodious words make me drowsy
I feel sweet honey entering in my ear
Ask your ear-ring, what’s happening there

Why I can’t wipe…..

You love me it’s my boast
Not me, says my lonely heart
Make me unhappy shedding of tears
But why I can’t wipe your face?

How could I tell what’s my pleasure?
Depth of it, how could I measure?
Only I have seen in your eyes
And says my heart so nice, so nice

I can feel myself in your soul
Your sweet lips broken the entire wall
You converted my flinch mind into broad
Inhaling your sublime fragrance become cloud

I am hanging between reality and dream
Exquisite unknown strife is extreme
Now you leave me or kiss me depend upon you
Mind is the master of all trade, as I know

Useless thinking…

Useless thinking…

Desiring mind
Combatable pain
Under the vain
Euthenics’ sound

Helpless passion
Dominated love
Aerial castle mansion
Yet not enough

Surrogated mother
Amazing baby
Meaningless anger
Bootless hubby

Arrayed love
Angling arrow
All above
Use and through

Thousands of dreams
Empty wallet
Need the skims
Unable to forget

Heartless heart
Squints eyes
Boundless thought
Aimless lives

Useless jealous
Think about soul
One single finger ups
Can finish them all

Related to the heart

I was really fine with my me
Now my heart is my only enemy
Why you cuddle with your lips
Ears deny to balancing the laws

Everyone has a mind in their mind
That can make coffee or handful of cloud
This is the reason, why I was fully blind
But why you didn’t feel what my heart said

Did you ever hear, what says the sleepless bird
Did you walk on bedewed grasses by the side of road
They ware waiting whole night for your awaken too
Gone away when a strip of sun ray stiffly hugged you

Find me when sun will cuddle the dearest moon
Remind me when sleeping volcano come down
Don’t ever try to control yourself, you can’t
Mind is the master, but it related to the heart

So secretly

Being a handful of cloud, come in my heart
Deluge me, being a restless ocean
Remain in my eyes, being two drops of rain
I will give you dreams by twisting my heart

Written your name on my rib’s curvature
Don’t ever bother to be an evil reputation
Split the sky give me a drop of water
Exhausted eyes don’t search any uproar

Thee was very close intimate of my unadorned mind
Without her, how could have spent spring night, gladly
Once you had given me everything, it was silent void
Today all those are memories living with dream, lonely

Love may come several times to everyone’s life
Giving something, it taken too very easily
Eyes can’t see, but you remain in eyes, in dreams, alive
Heart given you home, lips want so secretly