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About Sunila K

Based in Canary Islands, Spain, Sunila Khemchandani is a teacher, translator and writes poetry for love of English Literature. She has several poems published in English anthology collections (Wings, Change, Indus Valley, Heavenly Hymns, Poetic Symphonies, Synthesis - The Duet Anthology and in two of Brian Wrixon’s anthologies). In 2008, she won the position of the best annual poet in Besides writing poems, she translates spiritual articles, books of her spiritual master, proof reading and transciption. Some of her translated works have been published and circulating.

Balloons, bubbles and bonhomie


Blow the balloon and let it soar high

Blow the bubbles and let them float by

Ah, it feels so good to let go all

It’s like you throw tensions away far

Strange, you become lighter filled with air

Instead of raising weight that impairs

Only a child has this bonhomie trait

As you grow you incline to frustrate

So, consciously shed loads from your heads

Lightly tread on silken strings ahead

Be carefree like a child, celebrate,

With balloons, bubbles, bonhomie lightweight

©®Sunila – 04/2018.

Life and Beliefs


This life is a movie which changes scenes,
You are a part of it at most times,
But at respite, you are just a witness,
In fact, you glide as time takes its ride!

It’s funny that you don’t control your life,
But your circumstances, dogmas and style,
Your beliefs that form with your perception,
And your vision that could be erroneous!

It’s too late when you realize your choices,
Your decisions have not been what should be,
It’s trial and error that teach us lessons,
Often it’s late to mend what is broken!

Plans of ‘what I’ll or not’ robs valuable time,
Your life is short but your beliefs outlive!


Rare Experiences


Waves raged to hit the shores with full force
While shores took in their stride to bear that might
Each foam spray left a magnificent halo
In succession emotions set to delight

Sky stood in unison with the scene below
A beautiful clear blue painted on its canvas
Some white clouds floated at length to enhance the glow
Nature witnessed this unique scene of high class

Time stood silent in those magical moments
When synchronised the natural elements

Rarely can we watch such phenomenon
Opportunity if comes, we must not miss
Sensational it proves for our emotions
Experiences unique that elate our views

©®Sunila – 19/04/2018.

He’s Special

(A poem dedicated to an autistic child)

His fingers slowly strum on the piano
Sweet melody streaming through atmosphere
It all seems normal, these soothing whispers
Then comes a bang shuffling the matter
He goes haywire, and all around’s disturbed
No one understands this sudden brisk swerve
His senses want to come back to normal
But his mood’s affected and he can’t control
He’s get frustrated and bangs hard with knuckles
Piano strings await his touch but it hurts
The situation gets worse as none accepts
But mother comes and pacifies son
She knows, understands and loves him like none
He’s hers and so special. It’s not his fault.

©®Sunila – 20/04/2018.



I hear her screams boomerang

Ears can’t take more of such crap

Some vital breaths spent worthless

She wins, comes out of mess

Like a beautiful sunset

She paces, holding her breath

A halo in dark silence

Stars sprinkling beams from her eyes

Quietly quickly performs tasks

As if everything’s right

Woman inspires, so unique

A revered model to seek


©®Sunila – All rights reserved 08/03/2018.

Happy Women’s day to all the beautiful women! <3

Our Precious Planet


The moon flanked by angelic stars at night
stirs hearts of lovers on earth, sea and sky
The sea waves chant a melodious beat
together with wild wind dance and compete

Colourful fishes in sea chase their prey
when they swim they seem to perform ballet
Birds break silence of the night with their tweets
rocking on swings made from tree boughs they greet

Slowly more sounds dilute these pure notes
Infant gold rays fondle my face down till throat
Roses and lilies fill air with fragrance
A pleasant light feeling fills my essence

There’s heaven of hope breathing in silence
I thank God for being on this precious planet

©®Sunila – 07/12/2017.

Healing Moments


Oh the divine melody of winds

the satin folds of clouds reimbursing

the silk scarfs astride soft moonlit dreams

I want to immerse in your gentle rhythm

indulge and hug you close to my heart

when the pearls of dew dance on petals

in the young dawn opening its arms

to usher the golden wings of sun..


May I freeze the peace laden moments

concealed in cacophony stratum

wrap them around me tightly to last

and seal the harmony forever?

Flowers are smiling sans more ado

Universe exists in plenitude


Golden Moments


Tough to touch this beauty to contemplate
Glorious gold spreads its arms to scintillate
Fleeting time floats in transparent surface
Evanescent it feels but has its depth

Illusion reflects the worldly objects
On uncertain facets with doubtful quests
When and where will Sun withdraw, one knows not
Moments gone, visions as memories dot

Treasure some junctures to please and heal heart
For they’re bridges of love for a bard
Behold golden moments in time and space
What’s life but an illusive self-made fate

©®Sunila – 02/09/2017.

Jingle Bell


Jingle bell Jingle bell,
Jingle not all the way,
For the terrorists came
Set the streets aflame
Had choked all the bells
Leaving dead and a hell..
Where’s our Santa Claus?
Swear the snow’s far from thawed
Rudolf’s fresh as a rose
It’s Christmas I suppose
Has Cinderella reached
A pumpkin cart just screeched
Gosh! Again her shoe’s lost
What a rickety crisscross
Now, let’s meet the three bears
Did Goldilocks break the chair
Little bear’s porridge she gulped
Leaving it to yearn and sulk
How cruel can some girls be
Selfish nincompoop freak
Just like terrorists at large
Nitwits greedy brainwashed
Infirm strike at innocent
Sans Santa cannot defend
Santa needs to get recharged
Put right all that’s discharged
Tch, tch! His old jingle’s too antique
He needs a bell with new technique

©®Sunila – 17/09/2017.