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I want to taste Winter With You

I want to taste winter with you,

Chocolate kisses and orange smiles,

Hot aromatic coffees and soothing hugs.

Winter gives me a strange comfort,

As if it brings out the warmth 

Long suppressed in my heart.

Cold fingers cupped in your palms

Happily snuggle the flame of security.

Winter tastes like you have owned me

After a 11:11 wish turned true,

Winter tastes like a fresh homecoming

After a tiring span of emotional pandemonium.

I want to taste winter with you

When the falling snow kisses our cheeks

And entangled us enjoy the slow acclimation of love.

I shall be resting my head in your chest

And make you puddings in the chilly mornings,

I can carry your beguiling smile

To draw stars on a foggy night.

You are verdant, you are blue

And I want to see you on a charismatic street shimmering like the christmas lights.

I want to taste winter with you

As your presence will melt my heart 

And you will arrest my breath.

I want to taste winter with you

When our eyes will cocoon 

The miracles of wonderful spring

And our soul will save the amusement of today.

~ ©storytellersuchismita

Simply Where You Belong

Summer shudders through the broken window,
With the sweat-wrapped cologne,
I remember I met you on the days of spring,
Colours of today can spice up the colours of yesterday,
Laughter, struggles, a pinch of missingness, a lot of stunning gossips, a world of attachment,
You make me recall all those remnants
Which could be easily combined with your presence.
Now that you determine to depart,
Hope it wouldn’t indicate the cessation.
Keeping the vase of enormous positivity,
I hope you find yourself while finding your destiny.

~© storytellersuchismita